Decorate your home with a highly elegant product. Put large scented candles in your dining room, living room and light it, you will immediately notice how the atmosphere changes. Large romantic scented candles for your evening and for your home party. Set candles for your atmosphere. Use a relaxing candle for your moments of rest

Business candle, aromatherapy gift unique candles to decorate your office or scent your space with scented candles. Ideal for Spa studio massage gym physiotherapist aesthetic clinic. Bath candle

Decorate your dining room table with some aromatherapy candles and colored candles and you will see how your guests will thank you. Suitable for Christmas gift, anniversary gift, gift to mother. Elegant candles due to their square shape. Votive candle can be like a candle

Handmade candle with soy wax. 100% natural candles. Non-toxic candles. It does not generate acrid smoke, it has no contraindications for humans and less for animals. Without pollution. Available pack candles. Long lasting candles.

  • Size: 6.9 x 6.9 x 7 cm,
  • Burning hours: about 83 hours
  • Weight: 291 gr, net.
  • Brown candle

Coffee scented candle, wax votive candle, perfect for gift

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