Hypochloric Acid Generator (HOCI) ,

disinfectant Color red

Voltage: 220V

Power: 20W

Material: ABS + PC

Capacity: 2500 ml

Ambient humidity 90%

Two concentrations: 300-500mg / L of water 1000ml + 7.5g of salt. High Standard Concentration: 500-800 mg / L-1000 ml of water + 15 g of salt.

Add only salt and water ,

Sodium hypochlorite solution disinfectant is a broad spectrum disinfection product and is slightly alkaline.

Electrolytic (NaCl solution) can generate chlorine gas in the anode, and sodium hydroxide in the solution at the same time. Chlorine dissolves in water and forms sodium hypochlorite with sodium hydroxide in solution. Hypochlorous acid water disinfection. Sterilize machine water Specifications: Color red Feature - 99% effective sterilization against viruses. Inhibits bacteria in the air and healthy environment . -

Simple operation: just add salt to the water and you get the disinfectant in just 15 minutes.

- Applications :

household items disinfection, odor removal, pesticide residue removal on fruits and vegetables, air disinfection, etc.

Package included: 1 hypochlorous acid generator 1 plastic spray bottle

Machine to generate sodium hypochlorite disinfectant bleach to eliminate v

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